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We offer services ranging from on-site support for development and devops team via quantitative modelling, documentation and model validation up to creating production-ready R solutions based on Excel-, Matlab-, etc. prototypes and helping IT departments deploying and scheduling them.

In every service we provide members of our team can count on the expertise of the others, e.g. our Software specialists can ask for the help of the Mathematicians for algorithm optimization while our Quants and Actuaries can count on help with any software-related difficulty they encounter.

In the past we have helped major Dutch insurers rewrite their prototype quant models from Excel, Access and VBA to R, as well as improve the already R-bases solutions to take advantage of parallel programming and deployment to a server grid. We have also helped shape the R architecture of our clients who all faced the same question: how can R be a production environment and an ad hoc analysis platform at the same time.

We also offer top quality user interfaces and front-end solutions to all our clients. Additionally, all our products can be made available in Dutch, Hungarian, Polish and French besides English. These translations, if requested, shall be done by native speakers with quantitative background.

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Production-ready R solutions
Our team's unique setup consisting of R quants and R developers and architects enable us to help our clients create production-quality R software ready to be deployed by the IT department. This includes automated tests, in-code technical documentation, GUI's, error handling and more. On-site support for development and devops team Our Software Developers and Architects have helped several large Financial Services players with moving to a DevOps based way of working as well as taking full advantage of agile methodologies.
Business Analysis
Determining the needs of the Customer with an in-depth business analysis, documenting requirements, giving expert advice and providing education on the tools installed if required. Automation of manual reporting processes Automating Excel and database based reports developed by our clients that currently require manual interaction and are time-consuming. Our clients can thus relieve expert workforce, serve their clients' need better and reduce operational risk. Using R to achieve these goals mean that the already existing talent pool can be utilized to take control of these solutions once delivered, minimizing knowledge transfer costs.
Processes and quality control
Supporting the implementation of processes by creating guidelines and policies and building quality control around them.
Model documentation and validation
We also offer services for the Solvency II / Basel III compliant documentation of existing solutions as well as independent model validation expertise.
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