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Who we are?

Functional Finances Ltd has been called to life by two young professionals who wanted to bring their combined expertise of Financial Mathematics and Computer Science to the market. Since then, our company has grown to 5 people, one whom strengthen the management team as well.

After years of providing consulting service to Financial Services companies using R for their risk management and actuarial processes, we have identified pain points related to the lack of IT support for R as a platform and the difficulties surrounding the deployment of production-quality R-solutions. Sharing R packages, making use of grids and high performance computing, deploying R tools to an IT application server, creating GUI's an scheduling runs are examples of the requirements often out of reach of enterprises using R.

Our solutions enable IT departments to support the quants and actuaries do what they do best: create quantitative models in R as well as perform ad hoc analysis on the fly. This way, IT departments can regain control over the production processes and ensure auditibility and reproducibility of ad hoc quant work, while the quants and actuaries gain access to IT-supported platforms for their daily analysis work as well as for their tools used for regularly occurring reporting.

We thrive for excellence and deliver nothing less, counting on our theoretical expertise as well as our hands-on experience. We take the view (so well phrased by Kurt Lewin) that "there is nothing more practical than a good theory". In practice, this is realized by first carefully investigating the business needs of our clients, understanding their needs in every necessary detail, then choosing the solution best fitting their current requirements as well as their expected future needs, and ensuring that our implementations serve our clients to their utmost satisfaction.

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David Kun, MSc

David is a Quantitative Analyst, who worked in the past as Quantitative Risk Manager at an international Investment Management company and later at one of the three largest Credit Insurance companies of the world. His working experience includes developing and validating pricing models, implementing Risk Management reports, automating existing processes and performing supporting business analysis. Recently, he has been involved in the implementation of the Solvency II Standard Formula calculation as well as developing Internal Models for Solvency II risk modules. He has graduated from the Eötvös Loránd University of Sciences as a Master of Sciences in Applied Mathematician and from the Free University Amsterdam (VU) as a Master of Sciences in Stochastics and Financial Mathematics. His research has been concentrating on statistics and stochastic pricing models.

Gergely Márk

Gergely works as a software developer since 2001. He specializes in web applications, with a focus on client-side technologies and user interface design. He has joined EU Edge in 2008. Previously he worked with BÁV, Inforg and Vegyépszer, which are among the largest companies in Hungary, implementing their ERM and CMS systems. Between 2003 and 2005, he worked for the National Széchenyi Library, as the lead developer of their librarian Q&A system, LibInfo. Before 2003, he worked for a security firm developing tools for secure storage and access to client data. At the Eötvös Lóránd University, he created a study about parallelizing the C++ standard library.
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