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Who we are?

Functional Finances is a software and consultancy company consisting of enthusiast mathematicians and computer scientists with a vision of combining our special expertise to help clients facing software challenges with actuarial work, statistical modelling and data science.

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We offer services ranging from on-site software development and DevOps support via quantitative modelling, model documentation and validation up to making production-ready R solutions from existing prototypes, let them be Excel, VBA, Matlab or R based. We help clients automate manual reporting processes using R, expose the reports via web-based GUI's and schedule the running of the reports for specific dates and times.

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Software suite to create an enterprise ready R environment supporting both the road from development to production runs and ad hoc analysis in a controlled and reproducible manner.
Cloud Computing
Using cloud computing techniques, we offer support in speeding up existing applications and paralleling already implemented solutions using tailor made algorithms.
Implementing an open source suite of R packages for various risk management and actuarial processes, ranging from yield curve fitting to efficient access to databases from R.
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